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Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Orange Blossom Moose Legion is happy to announce the new Moose Legionnaires and their sponsors. Kelly Dotson - New Port Richey Lodge 1747, Sponsor J. Larry Sprigg, Jeremy Goodyear - Interbay Lodge 912, Sponsor A. J. Goodyear, Wilson M. Magee - St. Petersburg Lodge 1145, Sponsor
Robert Brady, Brett Resnick - North Hillsboro Lodge 1741, Sponsor J. Larry Sprigg, R. Steven Updike -
Riverview Lodge 2158, Sponsor Ed Caisse. When you see these fine new Moose Legionnaires give them a big thank you for stepping up to the plate in serving our Fraternity. We also would like to wecome back Moose Legionnaires, Mike Warren - Interbay Lodge 912 and Mike Mayo - Brandon Lodge 1880. Be a proud Moose Legionnaire

Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Secretary's Message
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A hearty thank you to all who attended the Fall Celebrtion/Conferral at Brandon Lodge 1880. Thank you Brandon Moose Legionnaires for hosting the Celebration. Celebrations at Lodge are awarded sometimes a year in advance. Our attendance at the Celebrations is down, only 6% of our Moose Legionnaires bother to attend. I know we can do better. Finally be careful on October 31, 2016, don't walk under a latter, let a black cat cross your path. Stay fortified and drink Moose Milk to keep the goblins away. God Bless each one of you.

Bob O.
President's Message
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