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Friday, November 25, 2016
Annual Pig Roast Pinic
Wow, if you missed the Pig Roast you missed a great meal, fun, and games. And above all good fellowship with other members of Orange Blossom Moose Legion's jurisdiction, Poor ole Porky had a smile on his face and an apple in his mouth. He was just proud to be able to bring fellowship to so many. Even though the weather did not hold up it do not glum the occasion.
The Board of Directors wish to thank the Moose Legionnaires of North Hillsboro Lodge 1741, for their hard work in making the Pig Roast a success. A special thanks to the cooks, who were up very early in the morning cooking ole Porky. The Moose Legion Assistant Secretaries for serving on the food line. Thanks to all who did a fine job working in the Tikii Bar. Lots of fun right. And finally to all who purchased a ticket to attend the Roast. And yes a special thanks to all who took a chances to win the beautiful Wagon of Cheer. The lucky winner was from St. Petersburg Lodge 1145.
Thank you North Hillsboro Lodge for hosting your great picnic area for the Roast. It hope that all will come next year, for our fun raising event. "DO SOME GOOD THING FOR SOME ONE EACH DAY"
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Secretary's Message
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On May 1st of this moose year we had 587 members. As March 3, 2017 we 542 active members. You do the math. We need 46 to have one more on the rolls that last year. Can we do it, yes we can if we all do our share. First off we have 68 in arrears, and 47 have been dropped. It does not make any difference how many we sign and enroll, if we don't retain what we will be in the tank. I know for a fact that some of our Moose Legion Activities Committee do not hold a monthly meeting. What does that tell you about fraternalism in you lodge? So in closing lets "DO SOME GOOD THING FOR SOMEONE EACH DAY', and who is that ORANGE BLOSSOM MOOSE LEGION 125.

Bob O.
President's Message
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